If you run an Adwords campaign with over hundred ads, I think you would agree that tracking each one of them is not easy.

What is ValueTrack?

ValueTrack is an upgraded version of UTM codes. It allows you to gather tracking data with tags that are populated automatically.

Tracking templates can be set at AccountCampaign or Ad Level.

Account level applies the tracking template to all campaigns and ads within the account.

Campaign level applies the tracking template to all ads under the campaign. Campaign level tracking takes precedent over account level templates.

Ad level applies the tracking template to individual ads. Ad level tracking takes precedent over account and campaign level templates

Using the Tracking Template

The tracking template starts with {lpurl} which is followed by the parameters that you wish to track down (as shown in the snapshot below). {lpurl} returns the final URL link that you have added in the ad messaging, so make sure to add it at the start of the template.

It is followed with a ‘?’ and the name of parameters. You can add multiple parameters but each need to be separated by an ‘&’.

About Custom Parameters

Custom Parameters offer advanced options wherein advertisers can add custom values unlike the predefined parameters under ValueTrack. You can set up the values that you wish your custom parameter to track

How Do Ads Custom Parameters Work

You can at max create three custom parameters at campaign, ad group, keyword or ad level and consists of two parts namely

Name: Up to 16 alphanumeric characters

Value: Up to 200 characters; can contain any characters (including | ; _ / ^ ( !), along with any specific ValueTrack parameters

Using Sitelink Tracking URL

Much like setting tracking template at desired destinations (campaign, ad group, ad, keyword level), sitelink level tracking can also be set up.

If you want to edit an existing sitelink URL, then follow the following steps:

Go to Ad Extensions > Filter sitelink extensions > Click on the edit icon of the sitelink you wish to edit > Expand Sitelink URL Options > Add the tracking template along with custom parameters (if any) or the ValueTrack parameters