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Advertising Platforms
Digital Marketing Advertising
Campaigns Setup & Management
Is what we do best! For years and years now - and still enjoy doing them every day.
Experience & Data Driven Campaigns - Perfect Match for reaching Targeted Audience - Let's turn that Audience into Customers Today
Marketing Report Automation
Data Monitoring
Collecting & Aggregating Digital Marketing Data. Automated Marketing Reports Set up and Monitor Campaign Performance.
Getting Your Tailor Made, Automated Digital Marketing Report - On Time - is crucial in Decision Making. Keep your Business on the right track. Data Collection and Monitoring System - made just for you.
    1. Learn Clients Objectives
    2. Analyze History Data
    3. Research Competition
    4. Product Research
    5. Point out KPI's
    6. Check Landing Pages & Funnels
    1. Talk Budgets vs. Expectations
    2. Platforms Decisions
    3. Agree Campaign Length
    4. Calculate Budget Splits
    5. Establish Micro and Macro Goals
    6. Implement Conversion Tracking
    1. Open Advertising Accounts
    2. Link Accounts
    3. Work on Creatives
    4. Get Creatives Approved
    5. Set up Campaigns
    6. Check Conversion Tracking
    7. Test Landing Pages & Conversions
    1. Daily Optimizations
    2. Compare Conversion Volume
    3. Agree on Reporting Frequency
    4. Refresh Creatives
    5. Deep Analysis - all verticals
    6. Check Patterns
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