About Us

After +10 years of agency and freelancing digital marketing experience we decided its time to roll up our sleeves and create a Marketing Team that helps a our clients create, develop and implement tailor made marketing presence for their business services.

Adaxa Agency is a Digital Marketing team based in Osijek, Croatia with a team of professionals all over the world making the time difference irrelevant and creating the best possible service working around the clock.

Adaxa team focuses on growing companies, ecommerce and small to medium sized businesses, helping them create a Marketing strategy, finding them best place, time and demographics to advertise, finding niches and giving new products and services ideas – because that’s Digital Marketing all about.

Google tools, PPC, Analytics, reporting and numbers are the things that motivate us, that’s why our slogan is:

Adaxa Agency – Coffee Fueled & Results Driven, Your Digital Marketing Team – Outsourced

CEO & Founder

Digital Marketing Specialist

Google Ads/Analytics & Bing Certified

Data guy In love with Google Analytics, Adwords Scripts, CRO, Supermetrics, Google Apps Script and automated dashboards. Google Apps Script fanatic in love with connecting all Google Cloud services to get the best marketing automatization ever. JavaScript and R for Data Science in Digital Marketing, Lavender farmer and Beekeeper, flying Drones and Sports Betting in his free time.

Dario Suler


Webmaster & Designer

Handling web, designing new creatives are just a part of Igor’s everyday chores.

Overall, citizen of the internet, graphic designer, web developer, blogger, affiliate marketing player, online gamer and spending way too much time on YouTube learning new things.

...and chili grower and hot sauce maker.

Igor Hrenovac