If you’re trying to expand your online influence through paid search advertising, and you’re already running Google Ads, then Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) is the next step.

The ability to import Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads is one of the biggest advantages of the platform.

What is the Google Import Feature?

There are two different ways to import your Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads. The first is using the “Import Campaigns” dropdown in the MSA platform.

The second way you can do this is within the Microsoft Bing Ads Editor.

Why this process when you could do it all within Editor? Because the interface has checkpoints in place to make sure that errors aren’t missed.

How to Import Google Campaigns Properly

Once you choose “Import from Google Ads”, you’ll sign into your Google account and allow Microsoft to “manage your AdWords campaigns.”

Select your account from the list of Google accounts and then choose the campaigns.

Once you have selected all of that information, carefully review the Import Options. There are a lot, but they’re all very important.

Things to check after the transfer is complete

It’s not enough just to import your campaigns and then leave them on autopilot. 

Because Microsoft and Google function differently, you need to take a close look at your campaigns after they are imported to make sure your settings are optimized. Here are some items that you should review:

  • Adjust your bidding
  • Raise/lower budgets if needed
  • Review targeting
  • Understand new quality score requirements
  • Modify keywords and negatives
  • Check custom parameters
  • Look at character counts

4 common mistakes when transfering accounts:

·         Screwing Up the Settings

Firstly, when you transfer an entire account you need to pay close attention to all your settings.

Some features like geo targeting, custom shapes, and audiences would be not applicable to Bing’s advertising platform. Your settings could be missed if Bing doesn’t recognize some of the AdWords features.

·         Ignoring Your Bing Search Query Report

Secondly, check your Bing query report to avoid displaying for unrelated terms in Bing search.

Your Bing and Google search queries could be completely different, especially when you target broad, modified broad, or phrase match types.

·         Copying Mobile/Display Campaigns to Bing

Thirdly, I don’t recommend transferring your AdWords mobile and display campaigns to Bing because it can cause multiple mistakes and interruptions. They don’t work the same way on both platforms.

·         Too Little Time Spent Optimizing Bing Ads

Besides working on your settings and queries, I also recommend doing a full evaluation of your Bing account on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Microsoft is working to improve the Bing Ads system and the inside changes could involuntarily affect your account performance.

Short conclusion

If you’ve done all of these things and everything seems to be running smoothly, expect to get more leads, more sales, and more revenue soon!

If you want to import more campaigns, Microsoft recommends waiting at least two hours in between each import.