I’m sure you listened or watched podcast at least once in a lifetime. You may be a sports fan and follow the podcast associated with your club; you may want to stay up to date with the latest marketing tactics or you like to listen about food and interesting new recipes.

There are plenty of options and topics to watch and listen. Have you ever wondered how you could run a podcast related to your business?

No matter what business you’re in, chances are you have some competition. Maybe your product or service is superior to other options that exist in your market. Maybe it isn’t.

Having the best offer doesn’t matter. Instead, concentrate on making sure your target market perceives your company’s deal to be the right one for them. Until they believe, they may never buy from you.

Why is podcasting interesting?

It’s convenient to consume. Compared to text and video content, audio content is more accessible for users.

They can listen to your podcast while they’re exercising or driving, for example. Your podcast won’t take them away from those activities; it will enrich them.

Also, it can increase your reach and grows your audience. When you publish your podcast on platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher, you expose your content to thousands of potential listeners for free.

These platforms are search engines, and people use them to find podcasts as well as hit singles.

You may think it’s complicated to create a podcast, but you are wrong. Recording a podcast episode is far less time-consuming than writing an article or recording a video.

To create a podcast episode, all you have to do is record yourself speaking (something you do naturally every day). You need decent microphone and a program for recording and editing your episodes.

Google to index podcast content

Google said at its I/O conference that it would begin indexing podcasts in its search results. Google’s search engine will surface relevant podcast episodes based on the content of the podcast, not just its title.

And people will be able to listen to that podcast within Google’s search results and save episodes to listen to later. The news is huge for the small but growing podcast industry, which struggles with fragmentation of listening apps and a lack of discoverability.

Short conclusion

Audio content is very personal. When someone hears you speak, they hear your personality and your authenticity. They can detect the excitement in your voice and feel your passion for helping them while you discuss topics that are relevant to you both.

This makes it easy for them to meet, like and trust you. Podcasts help your target market feel as if they already know you on an individual level.