Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an online tool that can help you with the tracking codes and collecting analytics on your website. It can also be used in conjunction with Google Analytics to make collecting this information so much easier.

GTM has so many great features that are easy to use, and the best part is, it is completely free. The program can keep track of all your information through one tool, which stores all your data in a centralized location.

You maybe never ever heard of it, or you can read this definition and wondering how it can help you and what are the benefits of using Tag manager.

Is it easy to use?

Google Tag Manager is not “easy” to use without some technical knowledge or training (courses or self-taught).

You have to have some technical knowledge to understand how to set up tags, triggers and variables.

If you want to set up event tracking in Google Tag Manager, you’ll need someknowledge about what “events” are, how Google Analytics works, what data you can track with events, what the reports look like in Google Analytics and how to name your categories, actions and labels.

google tag manager

Is Google Tag Manager different from Google Analytics?

Google Tag Manager is a completely different tool used only for storing and managing third-party code. There are no reports or any way to do analysis in GTM. Google Analytics is used for actual reporting and analysis.

All conversion tracking goals or filters are managed through Analytics. All reporting are done in Google Analytics.

How can I benefit from using Google Tag Manager?

You can setup and track basic events like PDF downloads, outbound links or button clicks. Or, complex enhanced ecommerce product and promotion tracking.

It may help your site load faster depending on how many tags you are using. Also you have flexibility to play around and test out almost anything you want. Another benefit is it works with non-Google products.

Short conclusion

In short, Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly solution to managing the tags, or the snippets of JavaScript that send information to third-parties, on your website or mobile app.

In more detail, GTM makes your life easier by simplifying the process of adding these JavaScript snippets to your website. Instead of updating code on your website, you use the interface to decide what needs to fire and on what page or what action.