Make good content. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality if you have a good content you will get more views on YouTube since there will always be people who want to see it. There are a lot of scammy ways to get more views, but if you provide the value with your videos that YouTube algorithm will put your video in front of people who are interested in a subject of your video. And if the value of your video is good, you will get likes and that will tell YouTube that your videos are good and promote them again.

When you are thinking about topics for your videos to create, try to think of videos that are connected to a similar topic so you can create a series and not just individual videos about a single topic. Spread the topic to several videos, that way you will have people returning to finish the series or at the end of one video jump straight to the next one. And also organizing your videos in a playlist of a similar topic makes things even better, as one of your videos stops, the other starts playing right away. Good way to keep your audience watching for a longer period of time.

If you are making content for YouTube, then like with Google you need to be familiar with YouTube SEO. Since both Google and YouTube are search engines, then you need to understand how they work so people can find your content more easily. And the major thing is as always – keywords. You need to research your keywords, see how other videos on similar topics used the keywords, try to use the same strategies. Because, if other videos on similar topics are ranking high, then they must have been doing something correct. Use that as a point of reference.

Two most important parts of YouTube SEO are making a good title with a proper keyword placed at the start of the title and a video description where you want to include your target keywords at least once. Description is not as important as title in search terms, but has a weight of its own and you should not stuff too many keywords you are targeting into description, it should feel natural.

Third attribute in the SEO segment is the least important but can make a difference and that is tags. Unless they are using some kind of browser extension, nobody can see your video tags, but that doesn’t mean you should not put them. They bring more relevance for YouTube algorithms to sort out where your video belongs.

Not a bad strategy for more YouTube views is also connecting with other YouTubers that do similar content. You don’t need to be just a competition, you can work together and it might benefit you both. Now that only works if you are on the same level of YouTube exposure. But if some well established YouTube channel can help you out, by no means say no.

Another strategy to get more views is to funnel your viewers to other of your videos with cards and end screens. You can suggest during one of your videos to users to check out some other of yours videos or at the end of the video suggest other mostly similar videos that might be interesting to your audience and that way keep them engaged with your content.

Good way to make some extra views is to create a blog connected to your videos. Since for the majority of time you will have to write a script or an outline for your video, it’s easy to expand that to a blog post to cover those who search on Google or other search engines and you can put your video into a blog post for those who like to listen more than read.

One thing many people often skip over in promotion of their videos on YouTube is making a good Thumbnail. Best way is to check other videos about the subject you are talking about and how their thumbnails look like. Check the ones with most views and engagement and make a similar thumbnail, if it worked for them then there is no reason to overcomplicate things. If you don’t find a video that stands out than you have room to make a better thumbnail and draw more views to your video and beat the competition.

And last advice but not the worst one, but rather the obvious one. Spread your video on social media, whatever you are using. Period.