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  • National Pastry & Weary Willie Day in USA,
  • International Anti-Corruption Day

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Google Search

2020: The new normals of daily life
This year, if you found yourselves asking “what day is it?” you weren’t alone. That question was searched for on Google more than ever before in 2020 as so many of us adjusted to new routines while living through the coronavirus pandemic. – Google Blog


YouTube trends

What YouTube trends reveal about human needs during COVID-19
As 2020 began, chances are that you were not spending a lot of time thinking about slow-fermented bread. But by the end of March, one could make a legitimate case that a good portion of the world was simultaneously fixated on how to achieve a superlative sourdough starter. And the evidence for that was on YouTube. – Youtube Trends


YouTube HDR

YouTube launches HDR support for live streams
YouTube in 2016 added support for HDR (high-dynamic range) videos on its platform, allowing cretators to upload videos offering higher contrast, more accurate shadows and highlights, a wider range of colors, and, overall improved image quality. Today, the company announced it’s now bringing HDR support to live streamed videos, too. This will make YouTube the first major platform to support live HDR streams, it says. – Techcrunch


LinkedIn Ads

How to Stop LinkedIn From Showing You Ads Based on Your Interactions With Businesses
As you use LinkedIn, the professional network will attempt to show you ads that are relevant to you based on a number of factors, including your location and employment history. LinkedIn may also show you ads based on your interactions with businesses (for instance, if you’ve previously signed up for a business’ email newsletter). If you don’t want LinkedIn to show you ads based on these interactions with businesses, here’s how to turn this setting off. – Adweek


Google Ads Lead Forms

Google Ads Unveils Enhancements to Lead Form Extensions
Google Ads has announced new enhancements to their lead form extensions. These two new features should help streamline and add better controls for advertisers, while creating a lot more efficiency in creation and management leads. – Searchenginejournal


YouTube Video Trigger

Using The YouTube Video Trigger In Google Tag Manager