Today it is common for more and more companies to allow employees to work from home more often. Even though long term working from home may not suit every person, some people really feel benefits of remote work like make their time more productive and comfortable. If you struggle to get used to idea of working from home here are some tips how to be more successful.

Stay Connected

One of hardest things working from home is isolation. It’s very different when you do some work and do it good to share it with your coworkers face to face, or if you need a help with something to just turn around your chair and ask a question.

Easiest solution to stay connected is to make every communication with your coworkers is video calls. Seems like a small thing to do, but talking to someone face to face even over video link makes a big difference. It also helps to stay in contact with your coworkers with simply messages about what is going on in their work and personal life. Also it’s not a bad idea to stop by the office from time to time spend some time with your fellow coworkers.

Home Workspace Environment

Where you do your working from home is really important. It’s tempting to just sit in your couch with a laptop in front of you because it seems more comfortable. But you need to make a difference between your work time and your personal time. Having that separation allows you to focus more on the work.

You should find a space in your house or an apartment that will be just for work. Of course that should not be some corner of your basement since you have freedom to place your work desk anywhere you will feel comfortable working. Place it next to a window, decorate your work space with things you enjoy like posters, plants, awards, degrees, etc. Also try to place your workspace somewhere with no background noise to distract you since it’s much easier to focus on the work and while talking with clients on the phone it’s much easier than in a busy office.

Laziness is the Enemy of Productivity

With a freedom of working from home it’s really tempting to not always start working in specific time, sleep little longer, drink that morning coffee long while reading news on your phone. But it is extremly important to develop a strict routine regarding your work job and do the morning rituals before that specific time comes when work starts.

Also try to avoid multitasking since it’s pretty important to avoid distraction around your work space like TV to even just think about whats new on Netflix or that TV show you want to continue to watch. Things like that are bad to keep your focus on work.

Working from home also allows you to take breaks whenever you want. Don’t abuse that perk, because it is really easy to lose focus on work and just go and take a break. Don’t think breaks are not important, they really are, but not every half an hour or less. Use breaks wisely not just becasue you can, do it when you feel you really need one to clear your mind, to make your self a drink, to eat a lunch, for a quick relax and than go back to work before you get to comfortable with your break that you might want to check out that Netflix.

Enjoy the Benefits

Working from home is great and in some working fields more and more companies are making it a normal thing. So with all things to avoid, enjoy the benefits also. Biggest one, you can work from anywhere. You can grab your laptop and visit your family and still find a quite space to do your work. You will also avoid traffic, searching for parking spots and all the annoying things that can happen on the way to work.

Also one of the more important choices you can and should do when you are working from home – buy a good office chair.