Monday Morning Marketing Coffee begins 🙂

Today’s festive in:

  • Independence of Cartagena in Columbia,
  • Revolution Day in Mexico,
  • Mother’s Day in North Korea,
  • National Button Day In USA, – If you have Koumpounophobia, this isn’t the holiday for you. Koumpounophobia is the fear of buttons!

Let’s browse the Digital Marketing News section:

Install Google Analytics 4

After the recent Google Analytics 4 update an apparent push to get people using it, you may be wondering how to actually set it up correctly? – Measureschool


Web Design Mistakes

If you value your blog, you’ll have to see these advices  – 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid – Dailyblogtips


Monetize Your Web Traffic

For novice and experienced publishers alike, monetizing website traffic can be challenging. In this article, we’re going to look at three proven and time-tested methods you can use to monetize your site and create a real online business. – Monetizemore


Youtube Ads

Little bit older Video, but everything in it stands today.

YouTube Ads Beginner to Expert in 1 Video –  Billy Willson