With PPC campaigns there are a lot of different tyspes of landing pages you can choose from and lets take a look at some of the ways how to optimize a Click Through landing page for PPC.

Lead capture page is another type of landing page that is frequently used in PPC. Ususally that type of landing page has some type of form in it, text box or some other way to get information from the user. The main purpose of this page is to gain information from the user and use that information for other purposes like email marketing, or to send a user to other specific landing page. By doing that there is a much bigger chance of conversion.

Have a Call to Action for the Lead Capture

Depending on what information you want to obtain from the user, a lead capture page can look a little confusing. The best thing you can do when this is the case, is nudge the user into doing what you want them to do.

Limit the Number of Lines to Fill In

As we mentioned above, the more data you request from the user the landing page becomes little confusing since you are making user fill out on the lead capture page and with too many forms showing they are less likely to fill out all the information. This is simply because of the amount of effort it would take the user to do versus what do they get in return. So you can approach that little differently.

  • Offer an incentive for the user if you want lots of information in return. This can range from a financial incentive, such as a discount, to free giveaways, competitions, prizes or access to extra information.
  • Simply solution is to reduce the amount of information you are requesting from the user.

Reason why the Web User Should Fill in the Form

If you have confirmed the incentive, before the user fills out the form, tell them why it is something they should do because in a lot of cases just having and incentive is not enough and landing pages that have an incentive for users to fill out the information, but don’t make clear just what it is and users just skip it and decide to not bother. Use images that portray the benefits of if the user fills in information and once you have gained it, you will then have a ton of information to process and analyse, to learn a lot more about your audience as well.