It does matter where you are, Google really want you to be able to pay more attention to your optimization score. They are continuing to increase coverage on optimization scores in Google Ads accounts. It became not the key part for agencies to get status of Google Partner.

How good your account is set to perform is pretty much what optimization score is meant to be a reflection of. The recommendations tied to optimization scores are also generated automatically. Some can be useful while some not at all and advertisers need to evaluate the recommendations with that in mind. You will now see the account-level optimization score on the main Overview screen when you open the Google Ads app, and you can swipe through to see campaign-level scores.

Campaigns that have recommendations with the highest potential impact are listed first, so you can prioritize actions that will drive performance.

  • Notifications –  Under the “More” menu at the bottom of the screen you can get notifications when your optimization score changes by opting-in on the Settings page.
  • Dark mode –  The app also now has a Dark mode option. It will be enabled automatically if you’ve got Dark mode set on your phone. You can turn it on in the app from the Settings page.