Keywords play the important role in any type of content. Every SEO marketer considers keyword research as an major part of their job. SEO experts have agreed that keyword research is known as one of the most difficult tasks apart from content creation and link building and making wrong keyword decisions can make big losses to any website. So here are some advices that you need to keep in mind.

Mistake to Avoid While Performing Keyword Research

  • Not Paying Attention to Searcher’s Intent – It is very important to match the content with the search queries of the people to ensure that the website can retain the potential traffic. In the race of ranking the content, most people go with keywords that will not match with the query of the user.
  • Ignoring Long-tail Keywords – With long-tail keywords, they have low volume but they represent the lowest part of the funnel and when users search those keywords they know specific what they are looking for and are more prone to conversion when they find what they are looking for. By targeting the long-tail keyword you will be able to answer the exact query of the searcher.
  • Overlooking SERP – Most people are using tools for finding keywords but fail to analyze the keyword rankings. Analyze the content type which Google is ranking for a particular keyword and shape your content accordingly.
  • Oblivious to the Audience – It is crucial to understand where the audience looks for the answers to their query. People may chose Google as their search engine while others may look for the information on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ignoring Localization – Some websites use keywords that are related to their product but still fails to drive conversions or traffic as they don’t use location specific keywords. Just having the right keyword is not always enough for driving traffic.
  • Unaware of Competitors – Many people make the common mistake of ignoring the SERP competition. In the process of keyword research, make sure that you are also analyzing the competitor’s keywords research.
  • Applying SEO Keywords after Writing the Article – To perform Search Engine Optimization on the content, keyword research must be performed first.
  • Client Picking the Search Term – A common mistake that people make is to allow the client to pick the search term.  Provide the client with keywords that will help in driving quality traffic because client might target some wrong keywords that will not help in driving conversions.
  • Concentrating on the Exact Match – This is not how you should write your content, you need to always ensure that you are writing it in a way that you will be able to explain it to someone without repeating the same words again and again. Stuffing your content with all the related keywords that they can think of will not work to gte better rankings.
  • Not Asking the Real People – Always talk to real people along with using SERP and SEO tools. Real people will tell their queries that you can use as the information and look for keywords that will help you to answer their queries.