Good Coffee to you all, today’s observances follow:

  • Wright Brothers Day in USA,
  • National Maple Syrup Day also in USA,

Enjoy your day and lets dive in, Digital Marketing News follow;

Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories Analytics: 19 Must-Know Metrics to Improve Your Performance
Businesses can engage their audiences effectively through Instagram—not only through regular feeds, but also through Stories which have become a powerful tool to advertise a brand to a large audience. Brands and business owners can significantly improve their performance on the market with Instagram Stories. – Wordstream


Google My Business Video

Google My Business Video Maker Is Okay But Not Great
Google launched a free and easy to use video maker tool within Google My Business. The videos come out okay but it wouldn’t be something I share on my home page of my web site. But that being said, it is something maybe some small businesses would showcase. You can access this tool at – Seroundtable


Google Chromecast

Google’s latest Chromecast is finally getting Apple TV+
If you’re a Google TV user who’s been dying to watch some Apple TV+ content, I have some good news: an Apple TV app is finally coming to the latest Chromecast in “early 2021.” As noted by Google in its announcement post, that will make the Chromecast with Google TV “one of the only streaming devices will all the major video subscriptions.” Apple TV+ was pretty much the only one left. – TheNextWeb




The retweet is back, baby
Twitter announced Wednesday that it will cease prompting users to quote tweet in lieu of the standard retweet. That’s right, you can now retweet — without first adding a comment — to your heart’s content (just like you always could). According to Twitter, the initial hope was that asking people to add their own words to a tweet would lead to “more thoughtful amplification” on the platform. Unfortunately, as the company noted in a Dec. 16 thread, that didn’t really happen. “The use of Quote Tweets increased, but 45% of them included single-word affirmations and 70% had less than 25 characters,” wrote Twitter. – Mashable


 Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Conversion Tracking + Purchase Ecommerce Tracking