Good Coffee to you all,

Today’s observances follow:

  • International Mountain Day,
  • UNICEF birthday,
  • National Noodle Ring Day in USA,
  • Adaxa’s 30th post – worldwide

Enjoy your weekend and lets dive in,  Digital Marketing News follow;

Google AdSense

Google AdSense Retiring Link Ad Units
We’ve decided to retire link ads. This is in order to modernize our available ad formats, based on the feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. Going forward, we’ll be focussing on improving and developing other ad formats to help you grow. – Webmasterworld


Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker Now Live In Search
Every year Google puts up its Santa Tracker before Christmas. While we have the Chanukah decorations live, the Christmas and Kwanzaa decorations are not live yet but the easter egg for the Santa tracker is live. All you need to do is search for [christmas] and click on the Santa hat GIF – Seroundtable


Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories ads now available via Display Network
Google is launching programmatic ad buying for Web Stories in open beta. Until now, Story Ads could only be direct sold by publishers via Google Ad Manager. Story Ads can be sold programmatically by all publishers using Ad Manager and AdSense. Publishers will just need to add the <amp-story-auto-ads> tag in their Web Stories. Ad serving within Web Stories is handled dynamically “to optimize both user experience and monetization potential,” says Google, meaning publishers can’t control where the ad slots appear in their Stories. – Searchengineland


Modern Computing Alliance

Meet the Modern Computing Alliance. Working together to drive “silicon-to-cloud” innovation – fueling a differentiated modern computing platform and providing a choice for integrated business solutions. We need IT champions like yourself to be a part of the newly founded Modern Computing IT Council, to help us shape the next era of innovation.