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  • Nobel Prize Day in USA,

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Microsoft Teams

Breakout rooms generally available today in Microsoft Teams
Creating meaningful connection can be difficult in larger group settings. Breakout rooms allow organizers to divide the meeting into sub-groups to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions. – Microsoft


Instagram Shopping

Instagram turns on shopping in Reels
Instagram’s transformation into a digital shopping mall is just about complete. The company is officially bringing its shopping features to Reels, just four months after the feature first launched. The app had previously tested shopping in its TikTok-like feature, but hadn’t made the feature widely available until now. – Engadget



Google Search Console

Google Search Console API Gets Fresher Data, News Filter & More
Google has updated the Google Search Console API to give us faster and fresher data, the ability to filter data based on the news filter, domain property support in Sitemaps and guidelines on how to migrate the Discovery document. – Seroundtable



Facebook Shops

What Is It and How Brands Can Use It
This year, brands are increasingly bringing shopping experiences online. But, as businesses develop online strategies, they might find that launching a fully-fledged ecommerce website is easier said than done. While many tools make this process easier than it was in past decades, launching a successful online store still requires time, money, a web strategy, and a handful of other resources that smaller businesses might not have. Luckily, tech giants like Facebook are actively launching tools that aim to help smaller brands convert social media followers into customers. – Hubspot



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Today’s observances follow:

  • National Dice Day & National Cookie Day in USA

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YouTube Metrics

4 Underrated YouTube Metrics to Quantify Your Video Campaign Success
I completely understand how difficult it can be to explain to a client the value of YouTube. It does not help when video campaigns (or YouTube campaigns) are also run through Google Ads. This can set a false expectation that video campaigns can or should perform just like Search campaigns, and in most cases this is not true. – Wordstream


Google Ads News

Inspire consumers as they “window shop” with Discovery ads for the holidays
As shopping behavior shifts in new ways this holiday season, more consumers are finding gift ideas in their favorite personalized feeds—while exploring Web Stories on Discover, watching product reviews on YouTube, or checking the latest holiday deals in Gmail. In fact, 91% of Google feed users say they took some kind of shopping or product-related action immediately after discovering new products, services, or brands on their feeds. – Google Ads Blog

Stay on top of trends with the Insights page
Consumer behavior continues to change as people adjust to their new normal. We’ve seen a surge in searches for patio heaters, pajamas, and sleds in the past month–and queries like “online gift” have grown by 80% year over year.1 To help you stay on top of these emerging trends and more, we’re rolling out the Insights page as a beta over the next few weeks, available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, with more countries to follow. – Google Ads Blog

The auction insights report expands to Report Editor
The auction insights report makes it easy for you to compare performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are. To date, these insights have only been available at the account level, making it difficult to evaluate your cross-account performance in a single view. To make this easier for you, auction insights are now available in Report Editor at the account and manager account level. – Google Ads Blog


Google News

Google News Showcase Search Console Filters & More Features
Google News Showcase was officially announced last October as an experience for publishers to show news in Google. Well, now it is expanding in many ways including paywalled content for free, a News Showcase panels from suggested publications, News Showcase will expand to show on and on Discover. And most exciting for me is that News Showcase metrics will come to Google Search Console. – Seroundtable