Monday Morning Marketing Coffee begins 🙂

Today’s festive in:

  • Independence of Cartagena in Columbia,
  • Revolution Day in Mexico,
  • Mother’s Day in North Korea,
  • National Button Day In USA, – If you have Koumpounophobia, this isn’t the holiday for you. Koumpounophobia is the fear of buttons!

Let’s browse the Digital Marketing News section:

Install Google Analytics 4

After the recent Google Analytics 4 update an apparent push to get people using it, you may be wondering how to actually set it up correctly? – Measureschool


Web Design Mistakes

If you value your blog, you’ll have to see these advices  – 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid – Dailyblogtips


Monetize Your Web Traffic

For novice and experienced publishers alike, monetizing website traffic can be challenging. In this article, we’re going to look at three proven and time-tested methods you can use to monetize your site and create a real online business. – Monetizemore


Youtube Ads

Little bit older Video, but everything in it stands today.

YouTube Ads Beginner to Expert in 1 Video –  Billy Willson

Today’s late morning coffee featuring,

– Facebook is being sued

Yet another legal action is started against Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica data breach – source Slashdot

Is there and end to this? Now, don’t get me wrong, User Data should be protected, that’s a fact, but isn’t there too much water under the bridge gone?


– Youtube has been added to Google Ads attribution reporting

Fresh from Google Blog,

Youtube’s addition to Google Ads attribution reporting means cross-network path analysis is now available. Additionally, Data-driven attribution has become increasingly popular but was previously limited by data constraints. – said PPC Hero blog


– Spotify is getting back on track

Spotify is adding users faster than it thought it would, It has 320 million active and 144 million paid subscribers, miles beyond rivals. – Engadget


– Linkedin’s Career Explorer

Linkedin has launched a new tool for Job Seekers, crucial in these pandemic times.  – TechCrunch


– How to speed up your WordPress

For the end of this coffee, we decided it’s was a good idea learn some tricks from Ahrefs.



Majority of marketers in the U.S. advertise on Facebook, and it’s easy to see why since 74% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, and more than half of them visit Facebook multiple times a day. So the question is not if you need to advertise on Facebook, but what is the best time when to advertise. If you have a great campaign and you run ads in the wrong time, you are losing budget for nothing, plus not getting results you wish to get.

So what is the best time to run Facebook ads?

Shoert answer is that there is no ideal time for running your ads, if there was, this post would give you very specific answer and be overall pretty short. Of course, there are those who would tell you there is best time for each type of ads you would run and it’s all backed up with data, which is correct. But it is their data, their ads and their audience. Just because a specific time worked for one business doesn’t mean it will work for yours.

You want to run your Facebook ads at the right time for your target audience. This really isn’t something new, you would not run commercials aimed at high-income full-time employees during the workday sam as you would not run the commercials on the cartoon channel.

Use analytics to find the best time to run your Facebooks ads for your targeted audience

Facebook Analytics
: Check to see which of your posts have been getting the most engagement since it gives you a benchmark of when users are interacting with your posts. Use Facebook Analytics for a wide variety of other metrics that can help you create the most effective ad campaigns.

Facebook Pixel: It is a snippet of code that allows you to track conversions and shows the value of your ads and Using it helps you see your actual conversion rate.

Google Analytics: If you haven’t collected a significant amount of data on Facebook, use Google Analytics to get your website data. While website data isn’t the same as social media data, it can still provide you with insight to create lookalike audience with your Facebook ads.

Using these three tools will give you a solid foundation for determining the best time to run Facebook ads for your business.