New day, more Coffee. Here’s what we read about today:

Youtube Algorithm

A bunch of questions being asked since the Youtube streaming boom, especially nowdays…Youtube gives us some answers.

Is there a point at which the number of videos per day/week on each channel is so high that the algorithm is overwhelmed and videos slip through?

There is no limit to how many videos can be recommended to a given viewer from a channel in a single day.

Channels can upload as much as they want. How many views each video receives comes down to viewer preferences.

YouTube shares new details about how its recommendation algorithm works.SearchEngineJournal

Facebook Ad Account Bans

Have you noticed your CPM’s on Facebook are really high? All year we’ve been seeing increased costs to advertise on Facebook and tonnes of Facebook ad account bans.

Instagram Selfie Stickers

Instagram recently added the ability for users to create selfie stickers that can be used in Stories posts and Direct messages. Rather than being static images, these selfie stickers are animated GIFs. Our guide will show you how to create and use selfie stickers in Instagram Stories.AdWeek




Google Ads Sitelinks

A great article on a great topic emerged on “How to Measure Google Ads Sitelink Performance” – by Portent





Content Marketing Trends


What is 2021 going to look like for content marketers? Is there any way to get prepared? – ConvinceAndConvert






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