There are unlimited tools at their disposal for digital marketers today, and here are three strategies to effectively combine search and display advertising for maximum results.

Cast a wide net

I fyour goal is to get more new customers but you don’t get a lot of traffic on your website, first step whould be to get more visitors. This is where programmatic display advertising comes in, it offers a scale that paid search campaigns can’t and also at a better price point. It is a good idea to increase spending on brand awareness tactics well in advance if you have a promotion coming up in order to have bigger retargeting and lookalike pools ready to go when your promotion is ready to start. So start by throwing a wide net with display ads and then continue to adjust and fix your targeting parameters as time goes by to optimize performance and find your next customer.


Once you have brought all these new visitors to your site, it’s time to introduce cross-platform retargeting. If you are running a paid search campaign for a product and only 15% of this paid search traffic becomes a paying customer, that leaves another 85% of the audience you already paid for who left the site without converting. Now that they have visited your site, you can use retargeting to show them a new series of ads hoping of bringing them back to your website and continue down the sales funnel. Your retargeting tactics can be simple or more complex, but the bottom line is that they will help keep the conversation going with the visitors most likely to convert down the road.

Contextual targeting

When you identify your best-performing keywords from your search campaigns, you can use that keyword list to add contextual targeting to your programmatic campaign. This strategy allows you to further refine your audience targets. If there us a specific keyword that a lot of people are searching for and is driving people to your site, you could create an contextual segment to target with display advertising.

These tactics are a good way to build awareness for your brand and products right when your visitors are actively shopping, and a great way to complement ongoing search activity. If you are already using a lot of paid search for a large part of your advertising, consider adding display, along with some targeting strategies to increase the efficiency of your campaigns and decrease your CPA.