Match Landing Pages to Your Ads and Target Keywords

It’s important to keep your landing page offer consistent with the keyword and the ad text to lower your CPC as much as possible. Because the major component of your Quality Score is the relevance of your landing page and the keyword that has been targeted. The landing page is of course where you are getting the conversions that makes your PPC campaign actually profitable and it is the best time to convince the user that you have solution for their problem.

Your niche, offer and audience determine your optimal PPC landing page design. For example, eComm store might land users onto a product or category page, but B2B software might land users to a free trial page. Also a insurance provider might give the user a form to calculate their rates and recruiter might use thieronline jobs to get users actively engaged. Or in case of emergency plumber who might feature their phone number first so user can get in contact if needed. Overall, every business is different.

But without exception, all effective landing pages are consistent with the source and they demonstrate a clear value proposition.


Continually Test Multiple Ad Variations to Improve CTR

To contribute to a better Quality Score you can improve your CTR. That way you will also impact your CPC and lower it due to higher Quality Score. So it’s very important to optimize your CTR in the search for a reduced CPC on your campaigns and you achive that by adopting a mindset of constant testing. This means to never being totally sure about the performance of your ad. You can test different offers, ad copy, and callout copy and try extensions to make you CTRs better.

PPC marketers should always try to beat their previous best CTR with continuous tests and ad variations. And there’s no better advantage when testing than to know what the competition is up to.

Check Part 1

Making your CPC as low as possible if you are running PPC ads on Google Ads is probably the most important thing you are trying to achieve. It’s normal that more efficient campaigns generate a better ROI and with that maximize your profit so you are able to scale your advertising to new lengths, or better to say heights. So, better than set and forget campaigns, it’s important to tweak your setup to get better and lower Cost per Click. In the set of 3 articles we will try to give 3 tips on how to lower your CPC by applying insights from competitor analysis that will improve PPC campaign performance.

There are many theories how to get lower CPC and relevance is probably the best and most important part of it. You will be able to reduce your CPC if you can match the user search intent troughout the funnel. By making it as positive and seamless as possible, you will get rewarded since it’s in best interest of Google to optimize the user experience.


Use of hyper relevant SKAGs – Single Keyword Ad Groups.

By targeting only one keyword per ad group, makes your PPC campaign hyper focused and thus provides results in a high relevant set of ads and ad groups with specifics ad copy and headlines. This will also keep your campaigns aligned to the intent of the searcher and improving the Quality Score and reducing the CPC as final result.

Other benefits of using SKAGs:

  • You will probably improve CTRs also due to increased relevance. Better CTRs also improves Quality Score which in the end means higher average positions and increased impressions share.
  • You can still use different match types for each single keyword and set up another SKAG when you spot a long-tail phrase. But make sure to add the long tail terms to the negative keywords in your original SKAG.
  • You will also experience better control over your Google Ad campaigns and achieve more visibility and down the line improve your sales. This will help you invest in more profitable single keywords and cut on the waste also.
  • Your landing pages can be optimized to appeal to the searcher more directly since you have pre-qualified searcher exact intent with your SKAG. This will improve your conversion and reduce your CPC.