Tuesday Morning, things look much better with Coffee

Today’s holidays follow:

  • National Sardines Day in USA, 
  • Unique Talent Day Worldwide

So show your talent and don’t forget to eat your Sardines 🙂

Let’s open a new can of …. Marketing news:

YouTube Ads

YouTube is Showing Ads On Non-Monetized Channels?!?

YouTube is running ads on non-monetized channels, but the creators aren’t receiving a share of ad revenue. – Searchenginejournal 


Instagram Branded Content Ads

Instagram advertisers can now create Branded Content ads without creators having to post organically first. Branded content ads on Instagram have been around since June 2019. With the new workflow, advertisers request ad creation access from creators. After a creator approves the request, they’ll then be notified to approve or decline branded ads that appear from the advertiser under the creator’s handle. In Stories, Branded Content ads can now include tappable elements — mentions, hashtags, location. –Searchengineland 


Content Marketing Trends

7 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

It’s that time of year again. Starbucks releases holiday drinks. Crockpots make their way back onto countertops. Last year’s gloves suddenly appear at the bottom of your coat pockets. And content marketers get out their calendars to start brainstorming and prepping for next year. –Wordstream 


Google Data Studio

How to Get More from Google Data Studio with SEMrush [Webinar]

Joing our next webinar and learn how you can make the most of Google Data Studio to get advanced SEO insights and generate better reports. -SearchEngineJournal


Google Ads Video Action Campaigns

Video action campaigns help drive conversions. Learn how to set up your campaign, set the right bid & budget and build your Video action ad. – GoogleAds


As if International Sardine Day isn’t enough in these crazy times, there’s more – Somebody came to an Idea how to drive Traffic by uploading an 1 hour long video of Jerusalema, so If you practice your moves without hitting the repeat button all the time – Finish your sardines and start working on your dancing skills 🙂