New week, fresh start

Enjoy the rest of the week with a fresh cup of coffee, here are the latest marketing news today.


– Link Google Ads Account to Ads Data Hub

Now you can link your Google Ads account to Ads Data Hub directly in the interface. To link Google Ads and Ads Data Hub, you’ll need administrative access to a Google Ads account. – Seroundtable

–  Google Ads Maximize Clicks Shuts down

Last year, we announced that the target spend setting for Maximize Clicks bid strategies would no longer be available for new campaigns. Starting January 2021, all campaigns and portfolios using target spend with the Maximize Clicks bid strategy will use daily campaign budgets instead. To help you minimize the impact of this change, the maximum cost per click bid limit may be lowered for strategies that are still using target spend. Strategies that do not have a target spend will not be impacted.

Update your campaigns today by removing target spend and using budgets instead. Ensure your campaign budgets are within the range you’d like to spend on a daily basis. Learn more about daily campaign budgets in the Google Ads Help Center. – Google Blog

– Facebook, Instagram Continue Pre-Election Tweaks to Thwart Misinformation

The social network will limit distribution of the #SaveOurChildren hashtag due to its association with QAnon – AdWeek





– How to Leverage Storytelling

How to Leverage Storytelling to Increase Your Conversions – NeilPatel


 – Introducing Microsoft Clarity

New Microsoft tool.  See what your users want – with Clarity. Replay user sessions and explore heatmaps to make your website work better for your customers and your business, for free.

– Google Ignores Capitalization In HTML

When you hand type HTML code, which I do in all these blog posts – yes, I am using something really old school but I like the control – sometimes you have typos in your HTML code – Seroundtable

– How to rank in Google Local

how to leverage content from Google Maps for your business – Mike Blumenthal



– Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest has a Verified Merchant Program in place for ecommerce businesses. This program provides several benefits for both the business and the consumer. Let’s review the program so you can decide if it’s right for you. – ClicksMarketing