This is the kind of change that won’t get any press. It’s just too small, but this is the kind of change that I like. If you’ve ever been in an older Google Ads account you know there can be a lot of stuff floating around.

What you can do in your Campaigns and Ads tabs?

The Campaigns and Ads tabs are the two locations in your account where you’ll spend a lot of your time.

Here are just a few of the things you can do in these locations:

  • See everything, from costs to clicks, at a glance.
  • Sort campaigns and ads based on budget, clicks, and other statistics.
  • Make direct changes to your campaigns and ads when you click the pencil icon.
  • Drill deeper to the settings or keywords associated with a campaign or ad.
  • Make changes to multiple campaigns or ads through the Edit drop-down menu

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Sort Campaigns Six Different Ways

The tool tip pointed to a little icon with an up arrow and down arrow. It’s just to the right of your campaign names in the leftmost navigation pane of the UI (if you’ve minimized this you will need to expand it).

Following options are:

  • Alphabetical – Nothing fancy here. Just A-Z or Z-A
  • Cost – High to low or low to high
  • Status – This is the most sophisticated, offering Enabled to Removed or Removed to Enabled. It looks like Paused falls in the middle either way
  • Conversions – High to low or low to high
  • Impressions – High to low or low to high
  • Budget – High to low or low to high

Short conclusion

These options give you a way to float your more important campaigns to the top for a given task. Sorting by Cost high to low will show you the campaigns spending your money the fastest.

Sorting by Enabled to Deleted allows you to keep all that old crap “visible” in your data table (for filtering, YoY comparisons, etc.) without making the campaign navigation a total disaster.