Some marketers choose to send prospects who click on their paid search results to their website’s homepage.

While this will certainly get them to a page with relevant information about your company, it is not the most effective option when dealing with search marketing.

Instead of sending people to a generic page, it’s far more effective to design a custom landing page with information and an offer tailored to the verbiage in the paid search ad.

Message matching

Without message matching your PPC ads will not yield any conversions. It’s really as simple as that, and here’s why. Message matching or ad matching is when you align your ad headline and your post-click landing page perfectly.

A good message match assures the visitor they have arrived on the right page. This is important to avoid confusion, which can happen if a user goes from an ad specific to something they want to a homepage they have to attempt to navigate.

Increase Conversion Rate

Even if you have a great website, it’s easy for them to grow frustrated and impatient, looking for the information they wish they had right in front of them in the first place.

That makes them more likely to give up their search and return to the SERPs.

A custom landing page, however, that addresses the messaging from the ad directly, presents the reader with everything they want to know.

This is a lot more likely to generate an immediate positive response from viewers.

Optimized PPC post-click landing page

There are certain elements a good PPC post-click landing page should always have.

Your PPC post-click landing page should contain:

  • An impactful headline
  • A supportive tagline
  • A list of benefits (not just features)
  • Trust symbols
  • A clear call to action
  • A lead capture form
  • An image showing context of use or a graphic that appeals to the visitors’ emotional side

It sounds like a lot, but when you see it in action, you’ll find it’s simpler than you might anticipate.

Short conclusion

A solid landing page can help your PPC ads perform better, rank better, and generate more revenue for your business.

By keeping your messaging narrow and targeted, you speak directly to the immediate needs of your prospects.

And by building a simple, visually engaging page, you guarantee that you’ll catch their eye and hold their interest.