Have you ever gone to a certain website, and then waited entire eternity for that website to load? Me too, and that happened to me few times.

When that happen to me, I lose interest in that page and in the future I will run away from that page.

Do you know that research says people will wait just two seconds for your website to load?

A mere two seconds.

Think about it in terms of a race: If you’ve ever watched swimming or sprint event, a two-second differential can actually seem like a long time. Swimmers in a 200-meter event are attempting to shave fractions of a second off their race times; two seconds can mean the difference between first place and 16th place.

For all the good SEO you might have, and for all the top rankings you may have achieved, if your visitor leaves before they’ve seen your valuable content or feature-rich website, what good are those rankings to you, anyway?

site speed in seo

In 2019, site speed is the name of the SEO game.

If your website doesn’t load in the time it took you to say that, you may have just lost the race, even if you have a top Google result. And, in the long run, your website’s ranking could start to decrease based on your poorly performing website speed.

So it’s no surprise that Google has been measuring the speed of your site, and using that in their ranking algorithms, since 2010.

More recently, in 2018, the speed of your site on/for mobile devices became a much more important signal, too. They understand that a good user experience is a fast user experience.

Everybody wants a faster web, even Google

Speed isn’t only good for users – it’s good for Google, too. Slow websites are often slow because they’re inefficient. They may load too many large files, haven’t optimized their media, or don’t make use of modern technologies to serve their pages.

That means that Google has to consume more bandwidth, allocate more resources, and spend more money.

A faster web is better for users, and reduces Google’s operating costs significantly. Either way, that means that they’re going to continue rewarding fast(er) sites.

Short conclusion

If you want visitors in 2019.; you need to have fast website. If you are looking for ways to speed up the game, Google offers you some of the best resources on optimizing your website.

There are also a variety of tools available for measuring and monitoring the speed of your site.