Branded campaigns can help increase awareness to your product and services and capture the demand generated by your upper funnel campaigns.

Through the process of Brand Building, you can help strengthen your brand and enhance the performance of your campaign.

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is the process of building a strong identity by setting your brand apart from your competitors and ensuring customers can recall your product or service.

Brand differentiation

If you have multiple competitors appearing in the search landscape under your brand name, it’s important to differentiate your brand from your competitions.

You can increase trust and recognition to potential customers by controlling your messaging in your creative and your landing page.

If your company has won any awards, now is not the time to be modest. Show it off! Add the badge to your landing page and to your copy.

Positioning yourself as an industry leader will help customers recall your brand later down the customer journey.

Awareness and Engagement

After you’ve found the right message that helps distinguish your brand, the next step is to build awareness and engagement to your business.

You can easily do this through the Google AdWords networks, programmatic, social and YouTube campaigns.

These platforms make it easy to target your ideal audience based on interests, websites they’ve visited, retargeting users when they reach different paths in the customer journey.

Keep track of your reputation

Customers seek out the pros and cons of different brands before supporting them. Though your efforts to gain their trust are strong, a few negative remarks could be enough to drive them away.

Use location targeting

More brands are putting extra effort into their personalization efforts, and chances are, your brand is already implementing a similar strategy. But, have you considered adding some personalization to your PPC ad copy?

Divide target audience into groups you want to personalize. Next, create ads based on those groups’ preferences.

Since the ads are location-based, consumers from other parts of the country or the world will not see the same content as those from New York. It’s an easy way to make your ad appear more relevant to the user.

Short conclusion

PPC is a great platform for brand-building. Not only does it empower you to shape your brand’s story, it exposes large audiences to your message on-demand.