PPC and SEO have historically been seen as separate siloes, no matter how much we are trying to think of the opposite.

We often see large companies struggle to promote synergies between departments which ultimately impacts knowledge sharing in the industry. However, one thing should be really clear:

Online customers do not care what frictions may exist between different teams in your company, all they want is a seamless, simple user experience.

PPC and SEO, in general, are both looking to increase the viewership of your company, but for smaller businesses, it can be quite tricky to combine all these approaches effectively.

Small businesses struggles

For young businesses, it is important to rapidly build up your reputation and audience. SEO and PPC are great ways to gain visibility and successful strategies can rapidly increase your visibility.

Combining well-targeted PPC adverts while ranking highly on those same keywords means that you are providing two access routes for users and creating a sense of authority around your company.

So now you have the users, it’s now time to start converting.

Make the best use of your PPC dana

Pay attention to ad text that perform especially well. Repurpose this into SEO-friendly content to get the most out of it.

For instance, use your best PPC texts in the meta description tags for your website. Another idea is to track your highest CTRs for content network ads, to see which topics are most popular.

Develop these ideas into new topics for blog posts or articles to attract more organic traffic.

Return visitors back to your website

Even if your SEO efforts have already paid dividends and made your website rank higher, it is still too early to celebrate.

Potential leads can quickly change their minds, and they may leave your website for a variety of reasons. They may want to compare your product and prices with those offered on other sites, and it may be difficult to get them to return.

It is much easier for the user to click on the ad than to search for the desirable goods again.

Combine your SEO and PPC tactics to encourage visitors to go back to your website and complete their purchase.

Does SEO affect PPC, or does PPC affect SEO?

One of the first questions asked by those new to PPC or SEO is “can my PPC ads affect my site’s SEO?” or “can my SEO affect my PPC ads?”

Technically, the answer is no—having PPC ads can’t affect your site’s ranking, and your site’s ranking can’t affect your ads.

Short conclusion

Some marketers still think of SEO and PPC strategies as completely separate entities. This is especially common among young search marketers and small businesses, whose marketing campaigns often have unclear goals.

Keep in mind that both SEO and PPC are constantly adapting to changes in the Google algorithms. That is how they help websites meet the new requirements and maintain their high positions.