– Intro to Morning Marketing Coffee

As usual, our morning’s start with reading and learning new stuff,  so the idea is to share the things we find most important and interesting to talk about with our team and also don’t forget to have fun. This is a first one, our coffee is getting cold and our campaigns are waiting for us, so let’s dig in.

First and the most interesting thing happening in the branch is the new Google Analytics 4

– Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4New, modern, flexible and straightforward – these are the words we like to describe the new GA4.Google official site likes to call it “the next generation of Google Analytics”, while Search Engine Land’s George Nguyen  gives us a deeper insight in his article “Meet Google Analytics 4”Here’s an official intro from Google, and also you can catch some information on how to get started here Learn how to upgrade your existing properties here.

Since we are a more visual people, here a video from Google’s Krista Seiden too

And of course, Benjamin from Loves Data

– Google Turns 20 years

Long time ago when we started doing Google Adwords it was a great tool for getting the right customer to the right place, nowdays we do it too but in Google Ads and with much more AI, playing more with Audiences as we played with Keywords in the begging. One hell of a ride, keep up the Great work you old fella. Happy birthday Google Ads.




– Whats your favorite Google Ads script?

An interesting discussion emerged at Reddit, there are quite a few interesting scripts, so don’t forget to submit your won. Find it here


– Google Easter egg

Dont forget to have some fun. Seroundtable found a new easter egg on Google