As we all know, the mobile environment is becoming more important, and mobile PPC is a topic companies are starting to pay more attention to. At this point, there’s still a lot of low-hanging fruit out there.

Take the Time to Customize Your Mobile PPC Ads

Doing so is incredibly beneficial.

How do you do it?

First, define your mobile value proposition and how that messaging will vary from general desktop ads experience.

For example, a mobile ad might include mobile ordering, store locator, connect with customer service, apps/games, mobile appointments, etc.

Second, whenever there is a mobile device preference box to select for an ad or ad extension – take it! This means serving the ads on mobile will be given preference. If this isn’t immediately visible, look under “advanced options”.

AdWords Mobile PPC Best Practices

We’ve analyzed millions in AdWords spend and compiled this list of mobile AdWords best practices based on the top performers across industries:

  • Optimize for a mobile experience from start to finish. Research shows that 57% of consumers will not recommend a brand with a bad mobile site and 40% will move on to a competitor after a bad mobile experience. Maximize your mobile PPC ROI by delivering the mobile experience they expect.
  • Enable Ad Extensions across your campaigns. Ad extensions are simple to set up, free to display and can have a huge impact on your paid search performance.
  • Use action-oriented keywords to help users make a decision quickly. Broad match keywords perform well in mobile.
  • Incentivize mobile searchers with offers and calls to action that speak specifically to mobile users.

Mobile Searchers are Easily Distracted

Sure, they are distracted, as a mobile user may be walking down the street, riding in his or her car, or waiting in line at the bank.

This means you need to use a strong call to action to hold attention and provide value from the moment a user sets his or her eyes on your ad.

Strategy Tip: Use attribution and analytics to understand when a user leaves his or her device and revisits your site or converts on a different device.

Mobile Searchers are Out and About

The real beauty of PPC is how you can custom fit your ads to the location of the searcher, based on his or her IP address.

And now with the emergence of mobile devices, you can customize ads based on the user’s GPS and Wi-Fi, going far beyond relying on Internet service providers for targeting.

If you are a local business, this is the perfect opportunity to use location extensions and callout extensions

Short conclusion

Three important sentences to remember:

  • You want to do better mobile
  • Be better at driving people from mobile to store
  • Be better at driving people from mobile to call