Instagram is taking steps to limit unauthentic activity on its network.

The company has declared it’ll be removing fake followers, likes, and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to inflate their quality. Instagram can accomplish this through the utilization of machine learning tools designed to spot such accounts. Accounts known as having used third-party apps to get unauthentic activity can receive an in-app message notifying them that the activity has been removed.

Those accounts will be asked to change their password, that was probably shared with the third-party apps.

Users who unknowingly shared their login info with another app could also be asked to change their password also. Accounts that prefer to continue exploitation third-party apps to bolster their perceived quality might even see their Instagram experience impacted, the company says. Instagram didn’t specify what that means precisely, however my guess is that the reach of these accounts are going to be restricted. The accounts might even be suspended, as third-party apps that generate unauthentic activity are a violation of Instagram’s community guidelines.

Purging unauthentic activity are going to be an in-progress effort for Instagram, therefore this is often not simply a one-and-done occurrence. This is only one measure the corporate is taking to cut back unauthentic activity. Updates on extra measures are going to be declared within the coming weeks.