For many people Amazon is synonym for online shopping, and for his founder Jeff Bezos, one of the richiest people in the world.

But for people who works in Internet marketing industry Amazon is also a platform where you can start advertising businesses and find new customers.

Amazon advertising can be a great opportunity for your business, because when you think how you buy nowadays, escpecially in countries like USA you think of Amazon not Google.

It can be really valuable for you to place your ads in front of those people who are already looking for some products, maybe even yours.

getting started with amazon ads

So how do you start with Amazon ads?

To start advertising on Amazon you’ll first need to sign into your seller or vendor account.

If you don’t have either of these accounts you can check out their various pricing and plans to fit your needs here. If you’re a first party seller then you’ll want to sign-up as a vendor, which is unfortunately by invitation only.

If you’re selling via Amazon Seller Central you’re considered a third-party seller. Seller Central has pricing options for pay-as-you go for independent sellers vs. a pro option for those with higher sale volume.

Pro merchant sellers also have the option of letting Amazon manage shipping, returns, and customer service, which is not a bad perk! Lastly, Amazon has a Vendor Express option that might be worth exploring if you’re interested in going the vendor route, but are lacking an invitation.

Types of Amazon Ads

There are three main types of ads you can configure through Amazon including sponsored products ads, headline search ads, and product display ads.

amazon ads types

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored product ads operate similar to ads run through the Google Shopping Network. These are the ads that drive Amazon searchers directly to a specific product you’re selling on Amazon.

Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads display in the search result pages as headline banner ads always above the result listing, like the example below. These ads are cost-per-click, and lead searchers to any specified page on Amazon.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Lastly, we have product display ads that work a bit differently then the two ad formats above. These ads are not keyword targeted, but rather interest or product targeted display ads. They drive shoppers to the products detail page and are also priced by a cost-per-click method.