Someone are annoyed with them, someone skips them instantly, someone install ad blocker on their laptops and computers. But a large number of people watch Youtube ads, especially if they are targeted to the right audience.

Youtube is after Google most visited site in the world. Imagine how many people are they every day and watching some ads.

Although YouTube Ads campaigns run via Google Ads, YouTube advertising is different from other online ad options. The platform relies solely on video (of course), but it also includes unique ad options and specifications.

How to start with Youtube ads

Pretty simple, we may say. The first step to set up YouTube Ads is to create a YouTube channel. From there, you’ll be able to publish your video ads. Sign in to YouTube with your Google Account, then click on “My channel.”

You can either use your Google account name or, if you have a brand account, choose another name, such as that of your business.

Once you click “Create Channel,” you can start uploading your video ads. YouTube videos can be published as any of four different types:

  • Public videos can be viewed by anyone.
  • Unlisted videos don’t show up on your channel or in search results but can be viewed by someone with the direct link.
  • Private videos can be viewed only by people who were invited to see it.
  • Scheduled videos allow you to select the date and time they become public.

Link Google Adwords to your channel

To do this,log into your Google Ads account (or My Client Center if you’re an agency). Then click Tools at the top of the page and select Linked Accountsfrom the Setup Column.

Follow the prompts to add your YouTube channel. If you’re the account owner, the linking will happen automatically. If someone else owns the account, you need to enter the email of the owner and request access.

Create your first campaign

YouTube Ads campaigns are set up through your Google Ads account. Once you log in, select the “Video” campaign type.

Then, select your marketing objective, or opt for a campaign without a goal. By choosing no goal, you have more flexibility to craft the campaign the way you want it.

You can choose from four objectives: Brand awareness and reach, Product and brand consideration, Website traffic and Leads.

How much does it cost to advertise?

YouTube advertising works the same way as other Google Ads campaigns—using an auction. You have complete control over how much you spend on your ads.

You can set a maximum amount for your overall campaign, as well as a target bid amount for each ad group you create.

Keep in mind that the greater your budget, the greater your reach.

Short conclusion

Advertising platform that can deliver great results at a relatively low cost. Many factors play a role in the success of your campaigns. Start small, learn from your experience, and optimize your YouTube ads for the future.