Facebook is very close second place to You Tube in terms of popularity with US audiences as the data shows, and the world-renowned social network is twice as popular as its nearest like-for-like competitor. If your business has serious ambitions on gaining more customers or going up as efficiently as possible, it is certainly worth looking at making some PPC campaigns on Facebook.

You should optimize your sales funnel

Facebook ads vs. Google ads perform somewhat differently. In the case of doing PPC advertisements with Google, audiences will be actively looking to buy the products or services you are advertising, but with Facebook, it is more likely that you will be appealing to audiences who are just browsing with little intention of making an immediate purchase and operating on smaller budgets might be a little problematic with Facebook ads. It is also good to run more campaigns in same time all with different goals which could lead to creating your own social sales funnel. Probably most purposeful funnels you could create for your Facebook PPC campaign could focus on engagement to try getting new customers in and is perhaps most effective when done through the video advertisment.

Build exposure through frequency

You can also monitor the number of times a specific user views your advertising campaign through ad frequency. This is an important metric because audiences that sees your ad repeatedly are more likely to remembers it. But it is important to leave your mark within campaigns and also be careful of not overdoing your frequency because if your ad appears too often, it will only lead to users ignoring your brand.

Make your budget go further

When you create your PPC for Facebook, you’ll be running probably few ad sets with multiple adverts within each set. To chose which ad set is more effective, it is important to look at the metrics available to see which campaign is best for accomplishing your goals. When you determinate which ad is performing best, allocate more budget towards the set, about 10-20% to steady boost without taking too many risks. When you continue to and see encouraging results, repeat the process until you notice signs of diminished returns on your investment.

Fine tune your target market

If you decide to incorporate Instagram into your ad reach, it’s reasonable to expect far greater engagement, but it is likely that you’ll see fewer comments or likes if you choose to place your ad as a Facebook page post, so remember that proper placements bring perfection to PPC campaigns. Facebook Messenger generally performs well when it comes to conversions and Audience Network placements can often increase a brand’s reach.

Get the right bidding option

Facebook uses an auction-based system when running advertising campaigns. Advertisers just need to pick the type of campaign they want to run, whether it’s based on conversions in the form of link clicks, landing page views, or certain on-site interactions.