Optimized website is one of the main concerns for enthusiastic online entrepreneurs who have just been assigned their domain name for a site. Some budding entrepreneurs may not fully understand the importance & definition of SEO and PPC.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization

This is the method, technique or internal policies of a website by which it will attract visitors from various search engines with the help of keywords related to their products and services.

PPC means Pay Per Click

Websites pay search engines like Google or third-party platforms like Facebook a fee to strategically place their advertisements in the feeds or search results of prospects interested in their product or service.

ppc vs seo

Both start with keyword research

If you want to work SEO you need to do keyword research. If you want to create PPC campaigns you need to do keyword research.

Head terms are short keywords – like say “Insurance” or ‘A/B Testing” are notoriously difficult to rank for. But they are evergreen. They never go out of style. So, create cornerstone content for these competitive keywords in the form of glossaries that you can keep adding to.

Long tail keywords indicate a strong purchase intent. They signal prospects who are aware that they have a problem and are actively seeking a solution. For them you can create landing pages that either provide information up-front, or segue into lead magnets.

The beauty of PPC is, it can positively impact factors like time on page and bounce rate. These happen to be signals search engines like Google use to refine SERPs. With a well-placed ad that goes to a tightly coupled landing page, you are actually supporting the organic ranking of that landing page.

Some websites do not use ads initially, choosing to concentrate all efforts on SEO strategies instead. When they finally decide to begin a PPC campaign, a list of organically converting keywords will already be at hand.

Short conclusion

There is no doubt that SEO practices and a productive PPC policy are vital to the success of a website, but graphics, layout, and design also play an essential role. The overall appearance of the website design should be aesthetically pleasing.

It is never too late to combine SEO and PPC to achieve better website visibility. However, having them both in your initial marketing strategy is the best approach.

When combined, you won’t have to wait until your site appears in organic SERPs to get some traffic data.