Google recently had trouble with indexing new content but that was successfully resolved. After that Google Search Console was affected by indexing bug.

The important thing was that the issue was resolved in search results, so your pages are indexed even if Search Console isn’t saying so.

One and a half month later there was another problem with Google and indexing.

According to Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land Google indexing bug is back. We transmit his text.

This morning, Google fixed a bug that affected its ability to index new content. Well, right now, that bug is back.

New content not being indexed. Try finding content from large news publishers that are always pushing out content, and you won’t be able to find anything if you filter by results within the past hour.

Here is an example for the Wall Street Journal:

Fix coming? We have notified Google of the issue and expect this to be resolved soon. Last time this took Google several hours to resolve.