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Performance Max Campaigns

Google’s Performance Max Campaigns are the thing that caught our interest since it was announced. We are not the only ones that are interested in how things are going to work with existing campaigns, surely, a useful thing for small business it’s going to be handy. But Performance Max Campaigns raised a lot of eyebrows when it comes to bigger accounts where we have more established search, display or other types of Campaigns.

Merkle team wrote an intro about these types of campaigns and the crew from SEJ made a full podcast about that topic

Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment

is the most important part of conversion rate optimization SiteTuners team produced a great article about that subject – Strategies & 7 Recovery Tools to Consider


Microsoft Bing Indexing Issues

For a big company, which they are, Microsoft is having quite a few issues in the past period, latest one is Search Indexing Issue they are experiencing.

Seroundtable noticed it first.


TikTok partners Shopify

Shopify merchants will now have access to TikTok’s user base in the US, with Europe and Southeast Asia planned for early 2021. – by Campaignlive


Create Google Analytics Audiences for Google Ads

Premiere, Premiere….. get ready to Learn from the experts from MeasureSchool


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