What Google Tools can do to help my Business?

In a situation when we negotiate with clients, we need to know as much as possible about their brand, goals and more as detailed as possible. That way we can discover clients potential customer, their demographics, in what phase of buying funnel are they, how familiar are they with your brand…. and much more.

Here’s a list of tools Adaxa’s Marketing Team use every day to deliver results to our clients:

Google Tools in Marketing strategy development and implementation

Google search engine as start of every good marketing research

Google Search – Where all things begin, try to use it like your customers use it



Google TrendsGoogle Trends – Use your brands name, compare with your competitors and find out more about them.



GmailGmail – Not just a mail service, It’s the key to all other tools in Google.



Google AlertsGoogle Alerts – Finding great keywords is just a part of the process, keep track of them with by getting real time mail notification as they pop up all over the internet



Google AdsGoogle Ads – Most used online advertising platform in the world, don’t forget to use Keyword Research Tool that’s built into this platform.



Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager – Tag management system that helps distributing codes such as Conversion Tracking and other onto client’s website



Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics – Free web analytics platform for collecting and reporting on Website and user performance



Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console – Helping webmasters check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites



Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense – We like to call it “opposite side of Google Ads”, helping people earn from their website content



Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer – Designers tool to make great graphics for you creative campaigns



Google Play Store

Google Play Store – Downloading applications is it’s main purpose, we use it to promote your Apps and boost your installation rates.



Google My BusinessGoogle My Business – Way to show you store is open and show it on Google Maps and on Google Search



Google OptimizeGoogle Optimize – Online easy to use tool for A/B testing, multivariate testing, AMP pages reporting and redirect testing.



Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio – Connecting many data sources and used to easily create custom Marketing reports



Other Google tools useful in Digital Marketing optimization and reporting

Not all Google platforms are intended to be used just for Digital Marketing purposes, but since most of the things offered by google are free of charge, Adaxa is giving all our clients a basic setup of Google tools connected to one account making it easy to view, manage, administrate and even handover clients account with a single password change.

That being said,


All our client materials, banners, briefs, invoices are being uploaded to Google DriveGoogle Drive

calculating Marketing metrics and creating Live time reports in Google SheetsGoogle Sheets

exporting them to Google Sites google sites and giving permissions and access to team members.

Keeping track of our communication with Google DocsGoogle Docsthat’s directly connected to our Gmail account so that we never loose any of valuable information’s from them.

Proposals, ideas and reports are also generate with Google Slides Google Slidesand can be accessed at any time.

Adaxa team members handle scheduled meetings, PPC and other audits with Google Calendar Google Calendar and also we have a fun way meshing things up by connecting all these with Google Apps Script


Google knows everything, right?

That’s usually true, unless your customers are bound to be somewhere else seeking your product or service. Don’t forget other search engines and social media.


If you have any questions about using Google Tools in Digital Marketing, throw us a question, we will be happy to help.