As one of the first tools I’ve encountered when I find out the world of internet marketing, I’ve always been a great fan of Keyword Planner. In those beginnings, it was fascinating to me that I can find out what people are typing on Google.

Imagine, you can choose a location and enter the terms and get the search for them. Since my first job right after the college was related to SEO, I used the Keyword Planner often so I learned that people in my town often search for term „best pizza in town“ :), as well as the words and terms related to tourism and the dental profession are extremely competitive.

Throughout the years, Google did not alter the tool itself a lot until recently when they started to change whole interface.

Few words from Google:

In 2018 the new Keyword Planner was launched in the Google Ads interface. Based on feedback we simplified the navigation and improved forecasting. For example, this new version allows you to:

  • Download trend data for individual keywords
  • Use up to 10 seed terms at a time
  • Get more granular competition ranking across keyword ideas
  • Get daily budget suggestions in the plan overview
  • Find the in-account status for uploaded keywords
  • View forecasts for all languages

The layout of the new Keyword Planner makes it easier to navigate. As always, you can select which keyword ideas you want to add to your plan, select the match type, and then add them to your plan. 

The plan overview gives an easily digestible report that you can use and share before implementing the new keywords into your account. Your plan overview changes based on: match types, locations, language, and search networks you selected for your plan. 

As Keyword Planner is a tool designed with PPC advertisers in mind we are extremely happy that new version allows us to get daily budget suggestion in the plan overview.

What are daily budget suggestions in Google Ads?

Daily budget is an amount that you set for each ad campaign to specify how much, on average, you’d like to spend each day. On the days when your ad is more popular, Google Ads will allow up to twice your average daily budget so you won’t miss out on those valuable clicks.