Google Import offers the many ways to import your Google Ads account directly into Microsoft Advertising with no spreadsheets needed. You can choose what you want to import and you can now import up to 5 million keywords and 4 million ads and can choose the frequency — import once, or set-up automatic imports on a daily basis.


Here’s how you do it:

1. Click “Import” from within the Google Ads dashboard.

2. Follow the simple steps to import your campaigns.

It is important to understand a some differences between the two platforms, these are things you want to keep an eye on during the import and adjust settings. Here are four key differences between the two ad platforms:

  • Campaign Tracking: It’s helpful to know how visitors are reaching your website. To get this information, you will need to set the parameter “utm_source” to Bing for the campaigns you have imported from Google.
  • Device targeting: You can now import expanded device targeting. Bing Ads supports the same values as Google Ads, which means you have more flexibility to adjust bids and improve your ROI on ad spend. Today, bid modifiers range from -100% to +900% for desktop, smartphones and tablets.
  • Target languages: When you import your Google Ads, Bing Ads chooses the highest-ranked language according to data from the Bing Ads marketplace. If your ads are written in target languages that Bing doesn’t support, your campaign won’t import and you will get an error.
  • Target locations: Google Ads location targets must match location targets in Bing Ads. If a location target doesn’t exist in Bing Ads, those campaigns will be mapped to a nearby “parent” location.