If you’ve ever set up a Google Ads campaign and saw high clickthrough rates but no conversions, you’re not alone.

Every business wants a great return on investment, but if your ad campaigns aren’t set up properly or you don’t use specific keywords, you might only see lots of traffic and no sales.

Successfully selling your products and services relies on your ability to get in front of as many people as possible.

Just like traditional brick-and-mortar stores, people find your products as they browse, but with ecommerce your reach goes far beyond your physical location.

How to maximize Adsense revenues on eCommerce sites:

  • Be user friendly

Be straightforward with your users and bring them to the appropriate page with the product information they need. Be aware that users hate latency when purchasing online.

Studies show that one out of four users will leave a site if the page loads in 4 seconds.

  • Go mobile

Millennials check their phone before sleeping and it’s the first thing they grab when they wake up.  Site owners now need mobile-ready site designs.

Below we’ve listed a few more tips to make your eCommerce site both user-friendly and attractive on small screens.

Use conversion tracking: it’s not just a traffic counter

When you build an online store, conversion tracking can take time to understand, but it’s helpful because you’ll have better, more targeted ads.

You can see how much traffic each ad is generating and end ads early that have less traffic while you mirror/create similar ads that are getting more traffic.

Optimize your keywords: more specific the better

You’re selling sneakers so you list keywords “sneakers”, “best sneakers” and “white sneakers”, but your search is too broad. Yes, you’ll likely get lots of traffic, but you will also get high bounce rates. Why?

Generalized keywords like “sneakers” will target every audience and if you are only selling Converse, when people don’t find Nikes or Reebok, they’ll leave your site. You’ve wasted your ad money, there’s no sale and your bounce rate goes up.

Specific keywords might include “Keurig single-serve coffee maker” “best Cuisinart coffee maker” or “Shop for coffee makers under $50”. See the difference?

Your keywords draw people to your ecommerce site. Just make sure when they see the ad or landing page, the item is available so they can make their purchase.

Short conclusion

It takes some time to set up your first campaign, but as you run more campaigns you’ll see how quickly ads come together.

However, take the time to think about the objective of your ad so that you know what to track once the ads are live. Get organized and set up a campaign for each of your product categories.