Customer value reporting and Conversion value rules are two new features that have been under testing for about a year now. Google first teased these features in the Google Ads UI at Google Marketing Live last year. Even though both features are still in beta here is what we know about them and how they are designed to work.

Customer value reporting.

You will be able to find conversion value reporting in the Tools dropdown under the Measurement section in the Google Ads UI. It shows the “Distribution of your customer base over the previous 12 months” broken down by demographics, locations and devices.

You can change the view to see one-time customers and medium-value from the dropdown in the upper right corner.

The demographics reporting is based on what signed-in users suggest in their Google accounts or what Google can guess about users based on their search and browsing behaviors.

Conversion value rules.

When enabled it is located in the Conversions section under Measurement options. You can “adjust values for conversion events based on conditions like location or device.” For now the options are limited to location and device and audience will be an eventually option.

The rules will then be applied to your bidding strategies and Google will also report on your conversion value rules. This will allow you to customize conversion values so they align more closely with your business goals.