Organic reach of Facebook posts has been going down in percent for year, there is simply too many posts to show on someones timeline before it get crowded. So if you are running a Facebook group or a page, your post will probably reach something around 1-5% of your membership which is kinda a bad if your business is made around your followers looking at your posts actually.

One quick, easy, and affordable way to do that is to boost your organic posts through a sponsored post or better called – boosted post.

What is a Facebook sponsored post?

It is pretty much a already created post on your page that you push to more people from your follower list. How many, it is up to your budget. If you want your organic post on your Facebook business Page to get more visibility and to reach bigger audiences, you can promote your post. Your post will be seen by more people, can help drive more awareness and user engagement as well as possibly impact your website traffic if there is a link in the post you are promoting and boost your conversions too.

There are two ways you can boost a post directly through your organic post which is the easier way or through a Facebook Ads Manager, which needs a little bit of knowledge.

When you click on the Boost Post, you will get more options to chose, like audience which can be one of the already standard ones that Facebook will give you like audience that already likes your Page (that is the part when you want to reach your page fans, at least more of them), or your can target broader with people who like your page already plus their friends or totally new audience that you will create. You can also chose you budget, the time lenght of your promotion and ad placement. Facebook will provide you with the most basic options with too many complicated choices.

If this is your first time running an ad on Facebook, you will need to add your payment information such as a debit or credit card before you can activate your boosted post. Otherwise, if you used it before, Facebook will have it stored.

Set up through Facebook Ads Manager

If you have some Facebook advertising experience, head over to Facebook Ads Manager and set up a campaign with any campaign objective that makes sense for your boosted post goal. You can still use existing post just this time you will have more detailed options to chose from.

While there are countless ways tactics, one way we set up sponsored posts through Ads Manager is in retargeting campaigns, where we are reaching warm audiences that have not yet converted.

Facebook sponsored posts vs. traditional Facebook ads

Facebook sponsored posts are very easy to use, especially if you are a small business owner or an individual with small or no Facebook Ads managing experience. These are also effective for short term runs, going from one to seven days in duration, where traditional ads can run long term pretty much until you stop them or ran out of budget.

Another benefit of choosing a sponsored post is that you can do it for a very low cost. With an only $1/day ad spend minimum on boosted posts, you can begin reaching people. Of course, the more budget you have, the more users you will reach. Sponsored posts are primarily effective in driving brand awareness and engagement.

A traditional Facebook ad campaign and ads are set up in Ads Manager, where you can use a lot more features, see reporting and make further optimizations. Traditional Facebook ads provide you an option to select a campaign objective, such as awareness, website traffic, event attendance, engagement, mobile app installs, leads or conversions. You can also set more advanced targeting options with inclusion and exclusion audiences, utilize bidding strategies and optimization strategies.

There is much more flexibility in Facebook Ads Manager, which is useful to give it a try if you want more control. However, if you are just looking to quickly and easily gain more traction on your organic posts, sponsored posts may better suit your needs.