If you need ideal audience for your ads then Facebook with its around 2.5 billion users each month is pretty good choice. Facebook has many different types of ads you can make, from single image ads to video ads, but which type performs the best?

Better question is – which one is best for you? The best ad type you might use depends first on what your campaign goalsare. Do you want to increase page likes, generate leads or get more sales?  When you have the goal of your campaign figured out, you will then have a list of relevant ad types to choose from. Once you make your ad copy and ad creatives, you will need to choose the proper audience.  Then you will test various ad types to find the one that works best with your target audience.

If you have an eCommerce website that sells clothes you might consider ad type that show more than one product. There are few type of Facebook ads in that category, carousel with multiple images and collection. Collection ads are a great ad type used for showcasing products and encouraging users to explore your brand.

A video ad is an very effective marketing tool but comes with a problem of creating a good one that takes some extra skills so it in general more difficult creative to create than a simple images. But video ads are strong creatives that can grab your audience’s attention much better than images.  Another benefit of video ads is that they are good for retargeting. If someone watched your video, they have shown an interest in your brand or products. So you can retarget to someone that watched certain % of your video.

There is also an option to create a slideshow ad on Facebook, which is an alternative to video if you are not skilled enough to create video for your ad. This ad type allows you to add multiple images into Facebook’s tools to create a moving slideshow.

You should test different ad types, analyze results and repeat because not all of your campaigns will have the same goals which means some ad types may not work good for all of your campaigns. The most important part of this is to continue testing until you filter out which one is best for the campaign you are doing.