Some bloggers consistently write awesome content. Everything they create is of the highest quality. Does that mean that these bloggers never have to clean up their website?

Well, we have some bad news… Even if your content is really great, you could still have too much of it.

Why too much content can be a problem?

If you are writing about a similar topic a lot, you’ll have a bigger chance to suffer from keyword cannibalization. If you focus your articles on the same topics and the same keywords, you’ll actually be competing with your own content.

Google will show one or two results from the same domain in the search results.

Combining content

In order to come up with your message, you could try to phrase a question which your new text should resolve. We refer to such a question as the central question of a text.

The new blog post will be the answer to your central question. It could be that your new article will have the same message as one of the articles you’re planning to combine.

It could also be a new (broader) message. Make sure to take some time to think about it.

Great content no longer relies on heavy word count

Today, consumers don’t look for intensive and long-form articles. They look for an experience. Whether that experience comes in 500 words or 1500 words, great content doesn’t depend on a word count.

Great content does depend on relevance to the reader. Certainly long-form content has its place in a content marketing plan, depending on your business goals and audience – but only when backed by a strategy and implemented workflow.

Attention spans are shrinking

Hello, Millennials! That’s right, we’re talking to you. The rising generation doesn’t have the want, nor the spare selfie time, to read long, irrelevant articles.

Keep in mind that majority of digital content engagement is through the smartphone. No one likes strolling for a decade on a small screen.

Now Gen Z – the generation that will challenge and ultimately change the content game – is another factor to consider when thinking of content curation.

If Millennials weren’t engaged before, the following generation is the true test on how long you can keep an audience on your page.

Short conclusion

is there actually a thing as too much content? The quick conclusion: No, if you wisely space it out. People want to see the inner workings of your business.

They want to see the faces behind it. They crave your stories, you need only come up with bright ideas to share and versatile ways to present them.

Your company already has singular tales and offerings, now you simply need to share them generously and diversely.