Tracking is the best thing – and sometimes the hardest thing – about marketing.

If you can get the tracking for your marketing to work, you’ll know exactly where and how your marketing drives business. Get tracking wrong…and several things go awry:

  • You’ll look bad.
  • Your marketing budget may get cut.
  • You won’t know whether your hard work is paying off or not.

What is Google Ads call tracking?

Google Ads call tracking is a type of conversion tracking that shows you how many prospective customers called your business after seeing or clicking one of your PPC placements.

How does it work?

Google Ads call tracking has two main functions:

  1. Tracking calls that are made to a Google forwarding number, which is displayed in a call extension ad
  2. Tracking calls through dynamic number insertion on your website, where a unique tracking number is swapped in for each site visitor

Why you need this for your businesses?

Understand why phone leads matter

Lead generation campaigns for complex and expensive transactions are more likely to generate a greater telephone response.

These include purchasing a financial services product, booking a holiday, hiring a tradesman, or even buying a car, so it’s crucial to track this component of your marketing accurately.

Determine your true ROI

If you provide a phone number on your destination website and receive telephone sales or leads, then it’s highly likely that a number of your conversions don’t appear in your AdWords reports.

This leaves you with a gaping hole in your ROI measurement. Implementing PPC call tracking helps you accurately determine the ROI for specific campaigns.

Spend your money better

PPC advertising doesn’t come cheap. You might be paying through the nose for relevant keywords that are in high demand, but do you really know how they’re performing?

Are those leads converting, or are the ads just generating traffic?

Take control of your conversion tracking

Integrating your call tracking data with Google Analytics means that you can add the critical missing telephone data piece to your marketing analytics puzzle, gaining crucial insight into how website visitors and callers find your business.

Short conclusion

Click-to-call ads convert at nearly ten times the rate of regular PPC clicks. That alone is cause enough to try them.

And now that call tracking for PPC has gotten so much easier, there’s even more reason to give click-to-call ads a try.