You may have missed this news, but Bing Ads have changed their name. And the new name is Microsoft Advertising as a part of rebranding.

What Microsoft says about changes:” We’re evolving, too. We’re changing our name from Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising. It’s a simple shift because our clients and partners already know us as Microsoft, and many are already tapping into our new advertising products that go above and beyond search, such as the Microsoft Audience Network.

You’ll see the change start today as becomes Our partner program is evolving too, becoming the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program. Over the coming months, all of our experiences and materials will be updated to reflect Microsoft Advertising.

bing ads changed their name

Why is Microsoft doing this?

Think back to July 2018 when Google did something similar, renaming AdWords to Google Ads. Clearly a move to demonstrate the platform had gone far beyond text ads, requiring a broader name.

Microsoft’s motivation is clearly rooted in some of the same notion. Pay-Per-Click advertising has moved way beyond matching up search terms and intent with advertising opportunities to drive action.

Microsoft is aligning Microsoft Advertising (the platform formerly known as Bing Ads) with the broader aspects of search marketing. In its announcement today,

Microsoft led with the notion about “making each connection feel one-to-one, at just the right time and place.”

By rebranding to Microsoft Advertising, the company can more readily connect what it’s doing in the PPC world with other marketing-specific products such as the Microsoft Audience Network.

The company is also planning to develop a deeper connection to its partner program, which is now known as the “Microsoft Ads Partner Program.”

Will something change for advertisers?

In simple terms, not much. Of course, you might need to update some of your bookmarks and relearn some vocabulary, but for the most part, things will continue as they are now.

In the long-term Microsoft will be trying to rebrand itself as an advertising network that doesn’t just rely on search ads and can compete with the big boys.

Short conclusion

Hopefully, the name change will put Microsoft back on the leaderboard as one of the most influential and popular advertising networks out there.

And with them teasing new and upcoming advertising products, it seems that Microsoft is investing a lot into improving its advertising network.