What is the ultimate goal of every website owner and digital marketer? Indisputably, reaching the top position on the search engine results pages (SERPs) is everyone’s dream.

An organic approach to improving search engine rankings is fruitful in the long run.

However, if your website is fairly new and your in a competitive niche, starting with paid search ads is a great idea.

Why do you need PPC tools?

Just like SEO, PPC campaigns require extensive keyword research. Additionally, you have to work on optimizing ad copy and designing landing pages for better conversion rates.

The good news is that you can find some of the best PPC tools to save you the burden of tedious research and analysis.

Best PPC tools

Google Keyword Planner

Its popularity has lately declined with the advent of advanced PPC tools. But, the Google Keyword Planner is still worth a shot as it offers tremendous insights in terms of keyword research.

You just have to enter terms and phrases related to your product/service. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of your own website or a competitor’s website.

And with a single click, you can get numerous keyword suggestions and ideas on your screen.


The first PPC tool on our list of must have PPC software is SpyFu. With a name like SpyFu, you can probably guess what it’s used for – spying on your competitors.

That’s right; this impressive software has a massive database that tracks and records all of your competitors PPC ads and keywords they are running.

Not only is this incredibly useful, but it can also help you save a lot of time on your own campaign.

Google Trends

Google trends is a powerful PPC tool that is often under utilised when it comes to PPC marketing.

Not only is it an excellent way to see what’s popular in the world at any given time, but it can also act as a market research tool that can help you find profitable PPC keywords.

By typing in any keyword, Google will instantly return a popularity meter from 1 to 100 indicating how popular a keyword is at that given time.

It will also allow you to see the historical popularity of that keyword and if search volume is on the rise or decline.


A compilation of the best PPC tools is incomplete without mentioning this powerful and competitive tool.

Using WhatRunsWhere, you can get access to top-performing creatives and ads in your niche. It makes ad copy analysis easier by tracking a plethora of unique publishers.

This excellent tool also lets you learn about your competitors’ most profitable ads and landing pages.


This competitive intelligence tool gathers data from all your competitors’ PPC campaigns and identifies gaps. Wordtracker provides you with suggestions on how you can exploit these gaps for your own benefits.

What sets it apart from some of the best PPC tools is the fact that it additionally utilizes keyword data from YouTube and Amazon.

Short conclusion

What works for your competitors may or may not work for you, so always look at what you learn with a bit of caution.

But don’t be afraid of looking at everything your competitors are doing, and trying to understand why they might be onto something and you aren’t.