If you are just getting started with SEO, have an own projects or working in SEO agency I am sure you’re looking to get everything for free.

In 2019 there are lot of tools that can help you with your SEO efforts. Check out our list and try them out, of course for FREE.

seo tools for free 2019

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic. If you don’t use it yet, you should. You can see a lot of things, such as how long your users stay on your pages, if they bounce back to the search results looking for something else or where your traffic is coming from.

  • Google Search Console

This is a must use tool if you are in SEO business. Why is Search Console so important? Because it tells you whether a page is indexed or not, which is important for every website. Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, this free resource also helps you with: technical issues, sitemaps, keyword tracking…

  • PageSpeed Insights

As the page speed is one of the most important factors in ranking. This tool will help you quickly identify the most vital issues your site is facing regarding speed.Take note that score isn’t in any way related to your SEO performance and getting it to 100/100 won’t guarantee you higher rankings.

  • Answer the Public

I discovered this tool in recent years, but it has become one of my favourite. Great keyword tool which will give you ideas and sort them both alphabetically and topically. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for a broader view on the keywords and looking for content ideas. Primarily, I use it for content ideas as you can just type a single word and tool will give you hundreds of potential ideas for blogs.

  • Yoast SEO Plugin

As WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, and you are in SEO business you will surely meet with this CMS platform. The Yoast SEO plugin does a basic thing, which is allowing you to add a Title and Meta description to your pages.

This is important, because you don’t always want your H1 and Blog Title to be the same as the <title> tag. The plugin comes with a bunch of recommendations and best practices, but you don’t really need to follow them by heart. Sometimes, a good title can get a red light.

  • Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG is a great tool for compressing images, and it is easy to use. One of the leading causes for slow websites is pictures in MB. Sometimes, resizing images can be a really boring way to spend your time but it is important. Don’t upload big pictures on your websites.