B2B companies have longer customer cycles that can go from a month to six months or even a year. So it is important when making your digital B2B strategy that you are focused on that long term return rather than the short term return. Taking the time to make a year long digital strategy for B2B will pay off good in a end result. For making a good strategy you have to start by analyzing what is working against what isn’t working.

STEP 1 – Search

Sometimes there are certain location that will eat a lot of your budget but not give a good results and the best way to counter that is to devide your campaigns into different locations to keep track on what is working and what is not.

The B2B account is tracking multiple conversion events but we it is sending every campaign to the same form fill landing page. You need to break the campaign by the conversion event so that users are going for each campaign with their set of keywords. Make sure your campaigns, ad groups and keywords are very tightly themed.

Hand in hand with conversion events are the landing pages. You can’t have the same landing page for every ad group because not every person who is searching ready to fill out a form to be contacted. So you need to separate landing pages to each themed ad group.

STEP 2 – Social

B2B can work very good with social media like Facebook. You can try mirror what you were doing on search to social platforms to generate things like traffic, resource downloads or video views.

Similar to search, you can have multiple conversion actions to track. You don’t want to track just one, but all of them so you want to set up each conversion event to have a separate campaign. This can be easy way to build remarketing audiences off of people who had taken previous actions.

Not only do you want to have multiple ads, but you should have multiple ad types running. This will give the campaign plenty of resources to learn what performed good vs what didn’t perform so good.

STEP 3 – Programmatic

Programmatic is expensive however, the results on your programmatic campaigns can be significant and it can be a good client-agency relationship setting for a long run.