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Today is a festive day around the world,

  • Youth National day in East Timor,
  • Chicken Soup day in USA,
  • Tempranillo Day in UK,

For those celebrating, best of wishes, but we need to get back to our Morning Marketing Coffee News overview, here’s whats cooking today:

Microsoft Advertising Podcast

The Download Episode 3: Change is the only constant in marketing

Change is the only constant in marketing and just when marketers thought they understood third party cookies, those are about to crumble. So what will a post-cookie world look like? – Microsoft Advertising


Google Ads Hidden Agendas

From Conspiracy Theories to Hidden Agendas: Why Google Ads is Limiting Your Query Data – Brad Geddes


Blog Analytics

changes in google adsA blog is a critical component of your inbound marketing strategy — it’s the vehicle for driving traffic, generating leads, and establishing authority and trust… All in the early or middle stages of the buyer’s journey.

But how do you know if it’s working? – Hubspot


Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos

Advertisers Turn to Amazon US Sponsored Brand Videos in Greater Numbers

More than one-quarter (26%) of Sponsored Brands spend on Amazon in Q3 was invested in video ads, as the format rises in popularity compared to static ads. So finds Tinuiti in its Amazon Ads Benchmark report for the third quarter of 2020, exploring the popularity and performance of video ads. – Marketing Charts




Today’s International Armistice Day worldwide, Singles’ Day , Independence day in Angola, Election day in Belize and more interesting stuff around the world, but let’s see whats going on in Digital Marketing world today:

WhatsApp Shopping Button

WhatsApp Rolls Out Shopping Button Globally, It gives users one-tap access to businesses’ catalogs – Adweek



Zero In-Store Human Interaction

We are drifting away from each other fast. Many Shoppers Now Want Zero In-Store Human Interaction.
The rise in consumer adoption of e-commerce in the wake of the pandemic is pushing the rebirth of brick-and-mortar stores as potential bastions of interactionless in-store shopping that resembles an e-commerce experience. But these redesigns are not for all shoppers. Some prefer no brick-and-mortar shopping at all. – EcommerceTimes

TV Ads vs. Influencers

More Americans Say They Trust Info from TV Ads Than from Influencers.

About half of US adults say they trust the information they receive from reviews of products or services from other users or customers. This is per data from Ipsos that also shows that other sources of information do not amass the same degree of trust from consumers. – Marketingcharts

Google SEO office-hours hangout

No Plans On Taking Away Request Indexing Tool – Seroundtable

Adobe & Workfront

Adobe to acquire Workfront

Adobe acquires workforce orchestration capabilities, but will Workforce customers be drawn into the Adobe eco-system? – Marketingland


New day, more Coffee. Here’s what we read about today:

Youtube Algorithm

A bunch of questions being asked since the Youtube streaming boom, especially nowdays…Youtube gives us some answers.

Is there a point at which the number of videos per day/week on each channel is so high that the algorithm is overwhelmed and videos slip through?

There is no limit to how many videos can be recommended to a given viewer from a channel in a single day.

Channels can upload as much as they want. How many views each video receives comes down to viewer preferences.

YouTube shares new details about how its recommendation algorithm works.SearchEngineJournal

Facebook Ad Account Bans

Have you noticed your CPM’s on Facebook are really high? All year we’ve been seeing increased costs to advertise on Facebook and tonnes of Facebook ad account bans.

Instagram Selfie Stickers

Instagram recently added the ability for users to create selfie stickers that can be used in Stories posts and Direct messages. Rather than being static images, these selfie stickers are animated GIFs. Our guide will show you how to create and use selfie stickers in Instagram Stories.AdWeek




Google Ads Sitelinks

A great article on a great topic emerged on “How to Measure Google Ads Sitelink Performance” – by Portent





Content Marketing Trends


What is 2021 going to look like for content marketers? Is there any way to get prepared? – ConvinceAndConvert






That’s it for today 🙂 enjoy.

All new week, post and fresh cup of coffee. It’s our 10th edition of Morning Marketing Coffee, like it or not it here to star at least for some time. Why is that? Because while we browse trough news trying to find something interesting to put into our articles we also learn something new every day – and that’s how you grow.

So enjoy the week and see what we have for you today;


Google AMP

We already know what exactly is Google AMP, still didn’t figure out how to turn some of our PPC clients to try it,sure enough PPC works better on AMP.

What is Google AMP and Do I Need It for SEO? – Wordstream

According to a 2020 study, mobile traffic has grown 504% in daily media consumption since 2011. With more and more consumers using their mobile phones to access content, it’s more important than ever to optimize for the mobile experience—not just for your readers, but for your SEO; Google can detect pages that load slowly or that have a high bounce rate, and will rank those pages lower in search results.


SEO – Increase Organic Traffic

James Brockbank wrote an extensive article about: “12 SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021


Auction insights for better PPC

Identify new competitors, Track historical changes, Start monitoring your auction insights – All important for Great PPC

Here’s how Google and Microsoft auction insights can help you identify core competitors and track their bidding activities month by month. – SearchEngineLand 




OCT – Offline Conversion Tracker

Fun friday, today we focused on Google Web Designer tools and playing with banners. So while the coffee was still in the pot we took a look how the pros are doing that. Enjoy your weekend and try to learn something new

 Google Web Designer – Responsive Overview

Powerful tool for agencies with less resources in Digital Design manpower, meaning, you can shout out some decent designed banners you produced.
In this video, Google Web Designer software engineer Joey provides an overview on Responsive. Learn what’s new in the responsive workflow that makes it so much easier to create a responsive layout.

Google Web Developer community turned out as a great resource for learning. This will not be the last time we talk about GWD but for now, since we were limited by time, we went back to reading… CRO was on the plate next


Customer experience optimization (CXO) for online stores

SEO and customer experience go hand in hand. These three SEO tactics won’t just fetch you higher rankings but also improve your customer experience.Three proven SEO tactics by Seach Engine Watch



Google Tag Manager – Bulk Actions

New and fresh feature that rolled out by GTM developers should be most useful in a Digital Marketers Day.

The release of bulk actions in the Google Tag Manager user interface was very welcome. For years, GTM users had been struggling with a somewhat crippled workflow of item-by-item management.Simo Ahava Blog




Then a daily dose of SEO

Maximize Internal Links

Are you using internal links to their full potential? Probably not. Luckily, Cyrus is here with five tips to help you boost your internal linking strategy — and your site performance — in this brand new Whiteboard Friday. – Moz Blog


When doing SEO stuff,  one has to consult Neil and he’s blog – on Internal Linking, he has an extensive post and a great VIDEO where you can find all things needed for setting up a great structure



Inspired by this last one, we are going to create an auto update sheet for internal linking – Coming Soon

Another day, another cup,
Hope all the election tensions go away fast and we can get back to normal Covid infested life of ours. #staypositive people and enjoy your coffee.
Here’s what caught today in Digital Marketing world:

LinkedIn: How to Stop Receiving InMail

Although a great marketing tool somtimes the InMail thing tends to be overbearing – AdWeeks Brandy Shaul will show you how to turn them off.





Optimize Your Google Local Advertising

Learn 10 quick steps how to optimize you Local Campaigns.
The prospect of managing paid search marketing can oftentimes feel overwhelming, particularly for local business owners who have a multitude of other responsibilities to worry about. – Wordstream





CRO – Improve Customer Experience

An extensive and informative article about Post-Purchase Strategies that Improve Customer Experience came from Ivestp’s Simba Dube





Best Amazon Marketing Companies

Neil Patel wrote about The 5 Best Amazon Marketing Companies of 2020



Extract Data Connector

Lastly, some tehnical stuff on how to speed up your Google Data Studio report’s from Measureschool.


Morning people, have fun today,

Google My Business in 2020

2020 has been a busy year for Google My Business (GMB). Since January, Google has launched new features, fixed bugs, and had to adapt to the global pandemic. – Moz




Google Short Videos Carousel In Search Results

Google seems to be testing another form of carousel feature in the Google Search results. This one is called “short videos” and was spotted for a search on recipes by Saad AK on Twitter. – SearchEngineRoundtable





WhatsApp Storage Management Tools

WhatsApp introduced new storage management tools to help its users clear space on their smartphones. – AdWeek







Google Ads Help: About Smart Shopping campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns use Google’s machine learning to get the best performance and conversion value out of your campaigns while simplifying campaign management.


Monday is finally over, Tuesday is here, enjoy the coffee.

Looks like today’s going to be a Google News Video day 🙂

Google Ads Help: Simplify product feed management

While the coffee gets prepared here’s a little learning session on Goole Ads Feed Management

Google Marketing Platform: L’Oréal Taiwan Case Study

L’Oréal, the world’s largest beauty company, wanted to ensure its marketing budget was being used effectively and reaching the right people. The marketing team used Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud together to predict which customers would be most likely to purchase in stores and then reached those customers with advertising campaigns. Watch the video to learn how L’Oréal used machine learning to help grow its offline sales. – Google

Removing content from Google

Daniel Waisberg, Search Advocate at Google, goes over different ways to remove content from Google Search including the Search Console Removals tool, permanent removals, and other solutions.


Understanding Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns combine existing product feeds with Google’s machine learning. Unlike standard Shopping campaigns that show ads on Google Search and search partners, Smart Shopping campaigns also show ads on the Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. – Practicalecommerce


Amazon Mario-themed boxes

Amazon is randomly shipping products in Mario-themed boxes. They’re limited-edition boxes, and even buying Nintendo gear won’t guarantee you one. – Engadget




Microsoft Advertising New Promotion Extensions

Microsoft launched new “Promotion Extensions” that allows advertisers on Microsoft Advertising to highlight a special offer or a special deal in your text ad. You can also tie your deal to a holiday or special occasion. This is for all advertisers in the United States. – Search Engine Roundtable

New week, fresh start

Enjoy the rest of the week with a fresh cup of coffee, here are the latest marketing news today.


– Link Google Ads Account to Ads Data Hub

Now you can link your Google Ads account to Ads Data Hub directly in the interface. To link Google Ads and Ads Data Hub, you’ll need administrative access to a Google Ads account. – Seroundtable

–  Google Ads Maximize Clicks Shuts down

Last year, we announced that the target spend setting for Maximize Clicks bid strategies would no longer be available for new campaigns. Starting January 2021, all campaigns and portfolios using target spend with the Maximize Clicks bid strategy will use daily campaign budgets instead. To help you minimize the impact of this change, the maximum cost per click bid limit may be lowered for strategies that are still using target spend. Strategies that do not have a target spend will not be impacted.

Update your campaigns today by removing target spend and using budgets instead. Ensure your campaign budgets are within the range you’d like to spend on a daily basis. Learn more about daily campaign budgets in the Google Ads Help Center. – Google Blog

– Facebook, Instagram Continue Pre-Election Tweaks to Thwart Misinformation

The social network will limit distribution of the #SaveOurChildren hashtag due to its association with QAnon – AdWeek





– How to Leverage Storytelling

How to Leverage Storytelling to Increase Your Conversions – NeilPatel


 – Introducing Microsoft Clarity

New Microsoft tool.  See what your users want – with Clarity. Replay user sessions and explore heatmaps to make your website work better for your customers and your business, for free.

– Google Ignores Capitalization In HTML

When you hand type HTML code, which I do in all these blog posts – yes, I am using something really old school but I like the control – sometimes you have typos in your HTML code – Seroundtable

– How to rank in Google Local

how to leverage content from Google Maps for your business – Mike Blumenthal



– Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest has a Verified Merchant Program in place for ecommerce businesses. This program provides several benefits for both the business and the consumer. Let’s review the program so you can decide if it’s right for you. – ClicksMarketing

Today’s late morning coffee featuring,

– Facebook is being sued

Yet another legal action is started against Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica data breach – source Slashdot

Is there and end to this? Now, don’t get me wrong, User Data should be protected, that’s a fact, but isn’t there too much water under the bridge gone?


– Youtube has been added to Google Ads attribution reporting

Fresh from Google Blog,

Youtube’s addition to Google Ads attribution reporting means cross-network path analysis is now available. Additionally, Data-driven attribution has become increasingly popular but was previously limited by data constraints. – said PPC Hero blog


– Spotify is getting back on track

Spotify is adding users faster than it thought it would, It has 320 million active and 144 million paid subscribers, miles beyond rivals. – Engadget


– Linkedin’s Career Explorer

Linkedin has launched a new tool for Job Seekers, crucial in these pandemic times.  – TechCrunch


– How to speed up your WordPress

For the end of this coffee, we decided it’s was a good idea learn some tricks from Ahrefs.